Hilary Duff Shoots, NHL Hubby Mike Comrie Scores

On the latest installment of Billy Bush’s radio show, actress Hilary Duff shared some interesting sexting strategies.

She feels that as long as she sends naughty pictures of herself with her body only showing (e.g. not the face), they are safe from nasty replication. Especially since the recipient also happens to be her trusted hubby, NHL Pittsburgh Penguins center Mike Comrie.

Duff was on Bush’s program to promote her 350-page debut novel Elixir. In between appearing on shows such as Gossip Girl and Community, the former child star apparently found time to write the fictional yarn of photojournalist Clea Raymond.

Via the Bush interview, the actress also shot down a silly Internet report that during the making of her latest film, She Wants Me, co-star Charlie Sheen dropped by her trailer for a very personal visit. Duff says the two never even worked on the same day.