Hey Huffpo LA, Finke Telling Waxman to F-Off Isn’t News, It’s Friday

Huffington Post’s LA edition (which we feel is redundant) hasn’t quite found its niche or voice or something. Now it’s all best food posts with something about a celebrity. For LA news. It’s like hosing down a drowning victim.

Anyway, Nikki Finke telling Sharon Waxman to fuck off isn’t news. It’s maybe an abbreviation, like using “k” instead of “okay.”

This is what we reported from a panel Waxman was on at the LAT Festival of Books last year:

Waxman strangely mentioned Nikki Finke’s name five times during the panel. The first time there was laughter from the (clearly) media wonk audience. The second and third times were just in passing. The last two times was after Rainey asked Waxman to clarify who she was talking about.

It’s like they’re obsessed with each other, but they hate each other. If this was a Lawrence Kasdan film they’d be hooking up by the third act.

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