Here is Condé Nast Traveler’s New Logo


[Old logo]
Condé Nast Traveler has a new logo. What do you think? And don’t tell us you don’t really care and there are more important things in life. That’s a goddamn lie.

Traveler’s editor-in-chief, Pilar Guzmán, certainly took the redesign seriously. Here is what she told WWD:

We realized that the year-long process of mulling over this change forced us to ask deeper questions about who we are and what, exactly, is our role in the age of Instagram and TripAdvisor, when so little is left to the imagination… The new logo was designed to complement, not fight with, the striking image that will live below it.

Guzmán worried about this logo for an entire year of her life, so please, have some thoughts about it. But only nice ones! We don’t want her wasting another year on letters.