Herald Sports Writer Goes Out Kicking and Squealing

If you want to leave journalism and burn all your bridges as you do it, then take notice of Pete Pelegrin’s final post at The Miami Herald.
Pelegrin, a beat writer that covered the Florida International University sports teams, decided to step away from the paper. But instead of bowing out after a nine-year run, he chose to post a final blog, outlining some of his biggest grievances against the paper and its coverage of sports, particularly implying multiple times that the Herald favors Miami University over FIU. And to do this, he essentially called his sports editor a liar, called out problems with a writer’s piece that was negative towards FIU and complained about other editorial questions that arose in his years at the Herald.
The Herald has taken down the post, but you can see the original here.
Pelegrin ended the post with a picture of a Miami Herald ad at the Miami University’s baseball field that matched the Miami Hurricanes colors. And then in the line after, told readers to contact the publisher, executive editor, managing editor and sports editor to complain about FIU’s coverage in the paper.
Hopefully, he’s not looking for any sort of reference because he just assured his time in Florida publishing has ended. But, in fairness, if he was going out, he sure did it in style.