Henry Rollins Gets His Own Nat Geo Show

Punk rock legend, actor, author, KCRW host, LA Weekly columnist–Henry Rollins’ resume is pretty extensive. And it looks like he’ll be able to add a new item to the list: TV show host. The Hollywood Reporter says Rollins’ show Animal Underworld–“which looks at people who collect, eat and revere exotic and not-so-exotic animals”–was just picked up for a three-episode run by Nat Geo. For one of his episodes Rollins will apparently travel to a cafe where they drink frog smoothies. Which is how we at FishbowlLA always start our day, along with a healthy portion of tiger penis.

THR says the show’s run would have been longer but was hampered by Rollins’ availability. Good. We’re looking forward to Animal Underworld and all, but we’d rather not force Rollins to skip a week or two of his KCRW show.