Henneberg Reveals Her Redskin Romance

washingtonpost.com’s Sports Bog talks with Fox News’ Molly Henneberg about her longtime love for our very own Washington Redskins:

    And when do you remember starting to pay attention?

    Every Sunday we go to church, pick up McDonald’s and come back and watch the Redskins. I don’t ever remember not being part of it. It was just always part of our Sunday routine. And then the Super Bowls, of course. And I remember a Monday night game against the Giants, I went to bed after the first quarter, I heard my parents yelling, I came down, and that was when Taylor and Theismann had their little run-in. That was one of my most vivid memories: hearing my parents yelling, running down, and just being crushed that Joe Theismann was hurt.

    Do you still eat McDonald’s and watch the game?

    I do go to church and come home and maybe not pick up McDonald’s, but we have a family meal and watch the game.

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