Hemingway, Cats, and Typos on Billboards


This writer is worn out after a long week and is headed to the airport in a minute, so before he leaves and passed the Friday torch to Stephanie to close out the day, here’s a couple of quick, fun stories. First up is this strange piece in the suburban Chicago paper the Daily Herald about a multimillionaire who was so upset with the architect who was helping him build his new mansion, David Schulz, that he posted a billboard explaining why he’d fired him. Unfortunately there are two problems: 1) he spelled the name wrong on the billboard, so it reads “David Shulz” 2) there’s another architect working in the same area who is named David Shultz. And now the angry multimillionaire won’t take down the sign, and the non-bad architect is worried about how this is all going to affect his business, given how similar their names are, particularly with the typo. Whew.

Second up comes the heartwarming story (if you’re a cat person), that the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum in Key West, Florida has won its five year battle with the US Department of Agriculture to allow the historic site to keep the more than 50 cats that wander the grounds, all decedents of Hemingway’s main cat, “Snowball.” And after countless research and experts coming to check the place out and the museum having spent in the neighborhood of $250,000 in legal fees, this has to come as a welcome conclusion (though the cats probably don’t care or appreciate the effort at all, given the species’ nature).

With that, this writer takes his leave. Onward to Stephanie!