Helpful Service Journalism: Find the Target Ads in This Week’s New Yorker

The New Yorker and the Chinese Wall

From the Chicago Sun Times:

It can only be described as the most jaw-dropping collapse of the so-called sacred wall between editorial and advertising in modern magazine history. And it happened this week — of all places — at arguably the country’s most prestigious magazine, the New Yorker…Now we can see exactly what the results of that deal are: A 90-page publication where it is almost impossible to discern any line of demarcation between Target’s advertising and the New Yorker editorial product.

And we agree. The line between advertising and editorial here is terrible confusing. Impossible to discern, really. (Impossible!)

As a service to our readers, we offer you The Fishbowl Guide to Separating the Advertising from the Editorial in This Week’s Issue of the New Yorker.

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