Helmut Newton Estate Issues Critic Paddy Johnson a Cease and Desist


One of our frequent morning stops is over at Art Fag City to read the writing of critic Paddy Johnson. Just yesterday she had up an interesting post not about the world outside her blog, but reporting that she had been hit with a cease and desist letter from the estate of photographer Helmut Newton for a recent post wherein she’d used an image taken by Newton to comment about an upcoming retrospective of Naomi Campbell photos. Apparently this commentary didn’t go over well and despite the image appearing elsewhere, the estate decided to shut it down. Unswayed by the threat of legal action, Johnson investigated and decided to keep the image up, even re-posting it again to talk about the cease and desist, saying she was well within her legal rights. Well worth reading the entire discussion, as it’s an interesting bit of info about where those copyright laws stand.