Hello from Cairo – CBS’ Lara Logan on Facebook

Lara Logan is anxiously awaiting President Obama’s arrival in Cairo Egypt. In the midst of all the excitement, the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for CBS managed to find the time to update her Facebook friends about the trip:

Hello from Cairo
Today at 12:10pm
At Cairo University ahead of Obama’s speech here – they’re planting flowers and laying down new asphalt on the road around the entrance.

Getting ready for the big guy!!

This is a very difficult place to operate in as media, especially with TV cameras.

We need permission for everything.

There is an illusion of things being normal here but you don’t have to scratch the surface very hard to find an oppressive place, where most people are afraid to speak freely.

It’s a beautiful, ancient city that is hidden under a pall of pollution and a sea of millions. Cairo’s population is almost double that of London…

*And because I’m an uncultured ass with the maturity level of a twelve year old, I’d like to dedicate this oldie but goody from the Bangles to our Fishbowlers in Egypt.