Heidi and Frank Ask Listeners to Share Their Biggest Workplace Absence Lie

Heidi Hamilton and Frank Kramer are a little over a month into their takeover of the coveted Mark & Brian slot on KLOS 95.5 FM. What’s interesting about their approach to mornings is just how actively they are engaging listeners.

Within the space of an hour today, Heidi and Frank fielded calls for a “toddler or tanked” contest (where in some cases a baby audio track is slowed down to make it sound like an inebriated adult), a chat about the biggest lies people have told to get out of work and what some listeners lost out on in a family member’s will. For the workplace fib segment, a former CSUN foreman recalled putting together an elaborate “house fire fight” ruse, complete with self-applied soot.

But FishbowlLA’s favorite call during that segment was the one a Huntington Beach middle school teacher recalled. Three weeks after a female student had told him her mother had died, leading to extra time for a critical assignment, said student showed up at an open house with said mom.

After quizzing her about this incongruity, the teacher took it one step further, and who can blame him? He paraded the miraculously resuscitated parent in front of the girl’s class and asked the embarrassed student, “So is this your dead mom?” Yup.

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