Headline News‘ Glenn Beck Compares Hillary To Fran Drescher

During his tenure at CNN Glenn Beck has provided some inflammatory soundbytes, including comparing Al Gore to Adolf Hitler, and asking Rep. Keith Ellison to “prove to me that you are not working with our enemies.” His take on a certain senator from New York, however, may take the cake:

You’ve said that the sound of Hillary Clinton‘s voice makes “blood shoot from my eyes,” and that she “sounds like the biggest nag on the planet.” When you say she “cannot be elected president because there’s something in her vocal range,” is that comedy or your real opinion?

I thought it was really funny, but I also mean that sincerely because if Fran Drescher was running, I’d be saying the same thing. If Fran Drescher was the biggest conservative on the planet, I’d be saying the same thing about her. It really has nothing to do with her political leanings, even though I’m not a fan of Hillary’s. There is something about her when she speaks and really gets strident — all I hear is, “Get up off the couch and take out the garbage.” I just don’t think that’s electable.

Beck’s offensive comments may be hurting his ratings, as Eric Boehlert reports. The anchor’s special, “Exposed: Climate of Fear,” drew the lowest ratings among CNN, Headline News, Fox News, and MSNBC the night it ran, and his show “has become arguably the most stagnant prime-time program in cable news.”

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