HBO Gets Rich

rich_frank_credit_fred_conrad_the_new_yo.jpgNikki Finke is reporting that HBO has just hired NYT’s op-eder, and former ‘Butcher of Broadway,’ Frank Rich to be their new “creative consultant” a role which will allow him to “initiate and help develop projects at the pay-TV network.”

Says Rich:

It’s the start of a new chapter in my life that’s fun, quite frankly. I’ve been stage and movie struck since high school. Both have been a passion of mine. And I’ve always been thinking I would love to be part of this world. At HBO I can do everything from a comedy to a docudrama at a high level where you don’t have to answer to sponsors.

And how will the Times keep from appearing to be sponsoring HBO is its critical coverage? Not a problem, Rich says, he’s “completely out of covering HBO whatsoever.”