Hazy Embroiled in Change

The Nation‘s Editor-at-Large and solid Boybander Chris Hayes has sent an email announcement to his family of Google Groups friends. In it he reports on the many changes happening in his life, which include expecting a baby (his wife, of course), his new gig at MSNBC and a move — to Brooklyn. In the most exciting news of all, Hazy is HIRING. We must admit, we will miss spying on Rachel Maddow’s twin at the Dupont Cosi and Starbucks. Read on…

Hello all:

It’s been a while since I’ve sent out a dispatch, and in the interim there’s been some very big and exciting changes for Team Hayes Shaw.

First, we’re expecting our first child in November and are over the moon with excitement about it.

Second, we’ve moved to Brooklyn.

And third: I’ve changed jobs.

I’ve transitioned from Washington Editor to Editor at Large at The Nation, and this fall will be launching my own weekend morning show on MNSBC. The show will run Saturdays 7-9am and Sundays 8-10am.

We’re in the midst of staffing up and are on the lookout for smart, creative, passionate people with great journalistic instincts and analytic chops (also, preferably, experience making TV.)

Some of the positions we’re looking to fill include: Senior Producer , Segment Producer, and Booking Producer.

If you or someone you know is qualified, please apply! Follow the links for more info and send your resume to my Executive Producer Jonathan Larsen  (Jonathan.Larsen@msnbc.com)

During these extremely difficult economic times, it feels good to be hiring people and I am inordinately grateful for all the good fortune we’ve stumbled into.

All best,