Has anyone optioned the Judith Miller story yet? (And other media-movie synergy musings)

jmi.jpgSeriously, I think it would be a great vehicle for Diane Keaton. Paul Giamatti as Matt Cooper. Meanwhile, we have Encyclopedia Brown to look forward to, maybe. And as for journalists-in-the-pictures, in the LAT Patrick Goldstein muses about the recent Truman Capote and Edward R. Murrow movies:

This pair of artful portraits of two world-class journalists couldn’t come at a better time. As you may have heard, morale at newspapers and TV news divisions is at a low ebb, thanks to circulation drops, low ratings and a string of layoffs. As cable news grows more influential each day, network news is scrambling to reinvent itself and hold on to its aging audience. The sense of turmoil is equally apparent in print journalism. With circulation down and costs up, newspapers are in the midst of a wave of soul-searching as they grapple with how to compete with the lightning speed and breezy informality of Internet news sources.

Anyway, I’m glad that ‘Capote’ and ‘Good Night, And Good Luck’ are boosting newsroom morale. As Frank O’Hara might say, editors of America, let your staffers go to the movies.