Daily News Takes Shots at Post’s Harvey Weinstein Coverage

Confidenti@l is amused by the sudden interruption of the Post's coverage of Harvey Weinstein's accuser.

It’s not every day that that gossip column Confidenti@l zeros in on the other New York tabloid. But that’s the case this Good Friday, and it’s fun to read.


According to the NYDN gossip gang, Post EIC Col Allan’s “close relationship” with Harvey Weinstein is playing a major part in the way the paper has been covering the current story of a 22-year-old woman who has accused the producer of groping her. The story was broken by the Daily News Monday, after which the Post outed Weinstein’s accuser on Tuesday’s front page and tarred her on Wednesday’s. From the Confidenti@l item:

But on Thursday, the Post mysteriously dropped the story completely and teased its Major League Baseball preview special on the front page. Not a word on Weinstein. Curious.

The News, on the other hand, reported exclusively that cops arranged a “controlled phone call” between the movie mogul and the Italian beauty and that he didn’t deny being piggish and groping her.

Insiders at the Post told us there was lots of yelling in the money-bleeding tabloid’s newsroom after Thursday’s report appeared exclusively in the News. Insiders estimate the Post is hemorrhaging more than $70 million a year.

Confidenti@l also highlights a tweet sent out by Post commentary editor John Podhoretz March 30 in reply to New York magazine writer Jennifer Senior. That tweet, Podhoretz insisted Thursday to the Daily News, was meant purely as a joke.

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