Talent Agency Lays Out Welcome Mat for ‘Bieber of Bacon’

For us jaded media types, sometimes it takes an outsider’s perspective to truly appreciate the visceral impact of the Hollywood overnight sensation experience.

To wit, Quebec’s English language newspaper The Suburban has a fun piece about the bi-coastal rise of Harley Morenstein(pictured), co-creator of the YouTube smash sensation cooking show Epic Meal Time. The article leads off with a viral-star-to-viral-star moment that bespeaks the Internet flavor of our times:

As Morenstein first walked through the doors of the Gersh talent agency in Los Angeles, he experienced the kind of star-struck moment typical for first-time Tinseltown visitors. In this case, however, Morenstein had not spotted a famous actor or pop music sensation.

Walking out of the agency at that very moment was Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden radio voice who, because of a massively circulated viral video, had recently become an overnight celebrity.

Turns out Williams was at Gersh to discuss a book deal. Meanwhile, Gersh and Morenstein’s management firm of Brillstein Grey have put together a pitch that is out to ten different U.S. TV networks. Maybe once Morenstein and producing partner Sterling Toth hit the regular airwaves, they can have Williams on and introduce him to the joys of poutine.