Happy Boss’s Day!

Today marks the annual holiday better known as Boss’s Day. How will you acknowledge it? After all, even if you’re a boss chances are you have one, too.

According to F. John Reh on About, there are a few pointers to keep in mind.

1. Be sincere. If you acknowledge the holiday, mean it. He writes, “Don’t just do it for the show. Do or say something you mean.”

2. Keep it simple.
There’s no need to go over the top with presents. A simple greeting card will suffice. In the piece he points out, “Add a brief note if you want, but if you do, make it specific – something your boss did that helped you.”

3. Keep it short while you’re at it.
Your boss probably doesn’t have a lot of time and neither do you. 

4. Ditch the notion of a gift.
Unless it’s something personal like flowers from your garden or chocolate chip cookies baked from your oven, he says to skip the gift.

And from a supervisor’s perspective, if your employees acknowledge the day, you can keep it simple as well. He indicates, “Be sure to say thanks. That’s all that’s needed.”

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