Happy Birthday, Women’s Wear Daily

Fashion trade publication Women’s Wear Daily passes the century mark today. In honor of the occasion, The Huffington Post has published a scan of the inaugural issue’s front cover.
A note from the editors reads:

An up-to-the-minute publication reporting the news and ideas of the women’s wear industries is needed. We have therefore decided to issue every afternoon a daily paper, WOMEN’S WEAR, which will fill that need of these trades.

Arrangements have been made with the DAILY TRADE RECORD for its extensive news service, of such matters as will interest the women’s wear merchants. This, together with the exclusive information, news and ideas that will be gathered for WOMEN’S WEAR, should make a daily service of real value to the trades it will cover and represent.

The newborn paper sold for one cent at the newsstand, and its first headlines included such winners as “Talk of a Craze for Black in Paris” and “The Satin Shawl Scarf.”
Congratulations to WWD for living to such a ripe old age.
P.S. FYI, the Daily Trade Record was the place of origin for the content in Women’s Wear Daily. After WWD spun off, the DTR ceased publications and now exists essentially as the “WWDMen’s” section of WWD.