Hyperlocal Network HamletHub Expands from Connecticut to New York

To be the opposite of Patch or not to be the opposite of Patch… That is the perception facing all other hyperlocal U.S. networks.

HamletHub, winner of Connecticut Press Awards in 2012 and 2013, is expanding into New York state. Today, founder Kerry Anne Ducey officially welcomed Scarsdale to the HamletHub fold:

We are proud to announce that Scarsdale resident Lauren Myers Mintzer has agreed to become the editor of Scarsdale HamletHub. According to Ducey, establishing sites in New York was a natural next-step for the CT-based company.

“We are thrilled to welcome our neighbors in the vibrant New York village of Scarsdale to HamletHub,” said Ducey. “There are so many great people and businesses in the Scarsdale community who deserve to have their very own forum to share neighborhood news, stories, ideas, events and best business practices. Lauren will help make Scarsdale a better place.”

HamletHub launched in 2009 in Ridgefield; Mintzer has been a resident of Scarsdale since 1998. The HamletHub website lists close to a dozen other New York communities, which presumably are launching as well and-or about to be staffed up. Welcome, and good luck!