Halt! Identify Themselves!

We weren’t familiar with the site, Identityworks.com, until earlier this week. Now that we know about it, our self-esteem is through the roof, we’ve gotten a raise, our teeth are whiter, people seem to not be avoiding us as much. In short, things are gangbusters, all from knowing about this cool little destination. It’s dedicated to talking shop over new company identities. You’ve got listed all the old stuff, the new stuff, and lengthy paragraphs about how they were created, who thought them up, and some inital reactions. Really interesting and possibly very valuable to you in see what works and what doesn’t when moving from old to new. Here’s one of the newest about Intel’s latest change:

On October 20, Kim indeed played bad cop: he told the leadership team that to put impact and credibility behind the new positioning (and implicitly, the new leadership), the 37-year-old “dropped-e” logo must go, along with the “intel inside” marketing badge.

To replace both marks FutureBrand designed a wordmark-in-a-swoosh, a variation of the Intel Inside swoosh, relocating its notch to anchor the Leap Ahead tagline. It’s a balancing act, intended to express meaningful change yet retain the equity of a stable and trusted company.