Daughter Celebrates Voiceover Titan Hal Douglas at iLasting.com

On March 7, the world lost Hal Douglas, the voice of so many memorable Hollywood movie trailers and other sterling works of voiceover art. After a career spent recording at studios in New York City, he had shifted this century to a home studio in northern Virginia.

On March 13, Douglas’ daughter Sarah created a memorial page at iLasting.com. The page allows users to light a digital candle, and much more.

“I was honored that his family entrusted us with his memorial,” site founder Anthony Doctolero tells FishbowlNY. The site, launched in 2008 in San Francisco, grew out of similar feelings Doctolero was seeking to express about his late grandfather.

“Growing up, I was an altar boy for many years, so I served many funerals,” Doctolero explains. “The priest would always say a quote and to this day it has stayed with me. He said, “You are never truly gone, until someone stops remembering you.””

“When my grandfather (pictured) passed away in 2000, our family ran a short obituary in the newspaper. I always felt it was a shame that we couldn’t say more about his life. He was an ordinary man, but led an extraordinary life. He was not a celebrity, but to our family he was the President.”

“When it came time to create a tribute for him, I couldn’t find a site which had all the features I wanted, so I created this service. This site is not about death; it’s about celebrating life.”

The majority of the 10,000+ people currently featured on iLasting are much less well-known than Douglas. And that’s just fine with Doctolero. “This was one of the things I was aiming for, creating a place for ordinary people to be remembered for the extraordinary people they were and the lives they touched.”