Haddad: The Questions

Q: Do we know for sure if Hardball Executive Producer (and local rockstar) Tammy Haddad is leaving Hardball to replace Ben Sherwood as executive producer of ABC’s Good Morning America?

A: No.

Q: Is she working at Hardball without a contract?

A: That’s what we hear. One can’t always read too much into that, but working without a contract often gives a worker leverage to say to his/her employer that he/she will walk.

Q: Is she in the running for the GMA job?

A: Yes.

Q: Is the smart money on her getting it?

A: Yes.

Q: Will she accept it?

A: Who knows. If she did, she might have to leave Washington, D.C. and her gorgeous house off the Potomac River…

Q: Is this a case of negotiating in public in order to get a better contract from Hardball?

A: Again, who knows, but we doubt it.

Q: But, wait: I thought that “Hardball will own 2006“? Why would she leave now?

A: Money? Fame? Fortune? Great visibility? The “quan“?

Q: What would this mean if she took it?

A: A real battle of the century, that’s what. If Tammy takes the job, she would go toe-to-toe against Phil Griffin, the NBC News VP and executive-in-charge of the “Today” show. And she’d be doing so at a post-Couric time when “Today” may be more vulnerable than ever (and if anyone’s got the goods to bring them down, it’s Haddad). And remember: When Tammy became Hardball EP, whom did she replace? Yes, Phil Griffin.

Q: Is it true that Tammy is Chris Matthews’ first-ever DC-based Hardball producer?

A: Yes (all others have been out of Secaucus).

Q: What will happen to her brunches?

A: Oh Heavens to Betsy…we don’t even want to think about that.

Q: Who will wear the tiara?

A: Just stop. The tears are flowing already…