Gwyneth Paltrow on the New Joys of Life in Los Angeles

Goop founder covers latest issue of Net-a-Porter's monthly magazine

When Blythe Danner was asked this week at an East Coast premiere event about the profile of her daughter in this month’s issue of Net-a-Porter magazine The Edit, she explained that she steers clear of all such media coverage because it is, generally, “bull crap.” However, in the case of Sanjiv Bhattacharya’s piece, mom would be pleasantly surprised.

Bhattacharya, a British-born journalist, met up with Paltrow for the interview and photo shoot at a Malibu beach house. The pair talked about the long history of sensational media coverage involving Paltrow, sparked in many cases by playful or casual comments made by the Goop founder. Her life in L.A. today is far more normal than during her run as an actress. Blessedly, there is no longer a de facto trail of professional photo-takers:

“They passed laws a couple of years ago [in California] about not harassing children. So I take them everywhere with me like a shield – they’re good for something!”

Ha ha. Paltrow also mentions how Los Angeles has become much more than a showbiz town in recent years, expanding to encompass vibrant elements of tech, fashion, art and food. So true.

It’s a short commute for Paltrow from her home in Brentwood to Goop’s West Coast offices in Santa Monica. Speaking of which, the Goop page profiling the company’s editorial team has some fun teasers. Editorial director Elise Loehen says she owns a neon sign that reads ‘I Brake for Unicorns,’ while food editor Thea Baumann explains that the book Marcella Cucina by Marcella Hazan is a personal favorite because she and her dad ‘cooked their way through it’ when she was growing up.

For Paltrow, life is Goop, life is good. Read the full Paltrow The Edit piece here. The cover story includes a separate video component.

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