Guns & Piñatas: S.E. Cupp’s ‘Outside with Insiders’ and #MaeveWest Launch Party

"That's a money shot right there."

(Photo credit: Casey Capachi)

As CNN Politics continues to enjoy the growth of its website, the political news source is ramping up its 2016 coverage — celebrating the launches of S.E. Cupp’s ‘Outside with Insiders’ and #MaeveWest Wednesday evening at SILO.

During a quick screening of Outside with Insiders: “Shooting with Scott Walker,” S.E. Cupp chatted with the Wisconsin governor about his presidential candidacy — asking him everything from a would-you-rather about the Packers winning the Super Bowl vs. the Republicans winning the White House, to how he intends to win over what he calls “Obama-Walker voters.”

The interview was not without its awkward moments, however, as the somewhat goofy Governor at one point had the watch party giggling to themselves like school girls.

(Photo credit: Casey Capachi)

“That’s a money shot right there, right?” said Scott Walker during the skeet shooting session with Cupp, oblivious to the fantastic double entendre he had just made.

The viewing party also featured the debut of Maeve Reston‘s piece on Donald Trump‘s rise in popularity within LA’s piñata district. In the wake of the 2016 GOP candidate’s comments regarding Mexican immigrants, Reston visited a Latino-enclave of downtown Los Angeles — known for its piñata-making — to gauge the reaction of the local community.

“I was actually frustrated. It had been a long day, so I just started playing with the idea and I started molding his face,” Lorena Robletto, owner of Amazing Piñatas, told Reston about her decision to make Trump piñatas. “I felt like ‘Well, why would he make such remarks, when knowingly, there are so many great people in California and the United States who are Latinos — that are contributing big time to the economy of this country — even if they are undocumented.”

“I take it personal — I’m Nicaraguan,” concluded Robletto, describing her reaction to Trump’s incendiary comments.

(Photo credit: Casey Capachi)

Notable guests included Rep. Mark Sanford, Former Navy SEAL Kristin Beck, ABC News’ Rick Klein, TIME’s Jay Newton-Small and Zeke MillerDonté Stallworth, POLITICO’s Hadas Gold and Rebecca Haller, IJReview’s Alex Skatell and Benny Johnson, Roll Call’s Warren RojasMo Elleithee, Frank Coleman, Sean and Rebecca Spicer, Bob StevensonRon Bonjean, The Hill’s Jon Easley and Kate Hardiman, Janet Donovan, Chris GindlespergerDoug Heye, WaPo’s Paul Kane, Daily Beast’s Jackie Kucinich, Daily Caller’s Brian DanzaDoug Thornell, Brigade’s Adam Connor, SIRIUS XM’s Julie Mason, PBS Newshour’s Nick Massella, Meredith Kelly, and seen working on a laptop at the bar: DNC’s comms team Holly Shulman and Miryam Lipper.

A slew of CNNers including the honorees – S.E. Cupp, Maeve Reston, and Eric Bradner. DC Bureau brass Sam Feist, Virginia Moseley, Rachel Smolkin and David Chalian. Chris Moody, Stephen Collinson, Matt Dornic, Jeff Zeleny, Emily Kuhn and the list goes on and on.

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(Photo credit: Casey Capachi)