Groupon Founder Mason Gives Writers A Nod

What’s the secret to Groupon’s fast rise? The company’s founder Andrew Mason gave a little hat-tip to the writers that create copy for the Internet sensation.

Speaking at the DEMO conference, Mason talked about his company’s rise, his office in Silicon Valley and European knock-offs, but he also talked about how his writers assure that people don’t walk away from the site as soon as they get a deal they’re not interested in. A particularly important point, considering Groupon emails you directly, daily.

“We have a team of about 70 people just in the U.S. that are writing copy for all the deals,” said Mason. “Part of what makes it tolerable when you receive an email in your inbox everyday that it is something that is interesting to read… having engaging copy is a way to keep people engaged and not unsubscribe every time they see a deal that they are not interested in.”

It’s about time the writers get a little love.