Griffin’s ‘Warrior’ Mentality to Battling Cancer

FNC’s Pentagon correspondent Jennifer Griffin, 40, has been battling breast cancer since late last year. This morning she appeared on NBC’s “Today” show. Tomorrow she will undergo her 14th round of chemotherapy for a rare form of breast cancer called “triple negative”.

“It’s pretty scary when you hear those words,” the correspondent told NBC.

Griffin looked well and was in good spirits on the program. While the outcome of these treatments is not certain, she is a fighter, say those behind the scenes, and she’s battling the illness will all her might.

“So far, it’s working,” Griffin said of her treatment.

After shaving her head, Griffin spoke of checking herself for the first time in the mirror. “When I looked at myself I felt strong, like a warrior,” she said. She recounted that her small children weren’t so alarmed when she told them about her breast cancer, but when she told them she’d be bald they became rattled. So she told them she’d don a Hannah Montana wig.

Griffin calls her pretty reddish smooth-haired wig and lipstick her “body armor” – ironic words for a woman who has covered a host of war zones in Jerusalem and an earthquake in Thailand. “I make sure I don’t feel like a sick person when I walk out the door,” she said.

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