Gretchen Carlson on Roger Ailes’ Ouster: ‘I Felt Angry That it Took so Long’

"I was at Fox a long time. I know how it works."

Gretchen Carlson told The Washington Post that she felt relieved and validated when word broke that Fox News CEO Roger Ailes was forced out of his job.

Still, Carlson admitted to having mixed feelings. In fact, she was upset that Ailes remained employed for as long as he did after she sued him for sexual harassment (followed by more than 20 other similar accusations).

“At first, [I felt] satisfaction — or no, I think validation,” she explained. “I felt angry that it took so long. It’s complicated — there was relief that now I would be believed — and I was happy to a certain extent over that.”

As for the female Fox News staffers who rushed to support Ailes in the days following Carlson’s lawsuit, Carlson was only slightly surprised.

“Some of them were lawyers,” said Carlson. “They should have known better, so I was surprised. It was like, ‘Wow, you have no idea what you’re talking about.’ But I was at Fox a long time. I know how it works. You could sense that it all was orchestrated.”

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