Boob Expert Shows up to Gutfeld Book Party

Walking into the Breitbart Embassy last night was sort of what one imagines walking into Michael Jackson‘s old home: Stationed in the living room was an ice cream stand with the Good Humor man. Outside was a petting zoo with ducks, bunnies, an alpaca and a tiny horse. And walking around the whole house was Nancy Leonard, an accordionist dressed in traditional Swiss clothing, who prides herself on being able to walk and play music at the same time.

“Do you know what the difference between an accordionist and an entertainer is?” Leonard asked FishbowlDC. “An entertainer can walk and play. Most accordionists have to sit and read the music.”

Leonard is a former breast implant specialist for the FDA. “I helped all kinds of people,” she said. “I helped men, women, transvestites… anybody.”

Also roaming around the zoo was former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.).

The Embassy was hosting a party for FNC The Five‘s Greg Gutfeld who has a book coming out next month. Gutfeld’s book, The Joy of Hate, is dedicated to the late Andrew Breitbart. It’s a commentary on the knee-jerk reaction people have to cry foul at anything and everything. Gutfeld said young and old people as well as “people that are not young or old” should read the book.

Party invitations inexplicably featured an old ’90s TV screenshot of Gutfeld from when he worked for Men’s Health. In the photograph, a buff Gutfeld is in a tank top and has a high-top haircut. “How dare you,” he said when we brought it up.

More Gutfeld and pictures…

“I don’t know what I was doing back then,” he said. “You get involved in fitness to a point where you can’t get uninvolved. Fitness is constantly about creating a new rung to reach, and no matter how fit you are, you have to reach the next rung.” Asked if he was on “the juice,” he said no. “Are you kidding me? My abs actually had biceps,” he said. “And my biceps had abs. And those abs, they had triceps.” Though he continues to workout regularly, Gutfeld warned against taking physical fitness too far. He compares it to being in a cult and said at 48, his back is “killing” him. Today he benches 240lbs.

Moving on, Gutfeld is short. Or at least shorter than you might think when he’s on TV. He says he’s 5’5″. “I would say I’m 5’4″ and three-quarters if you want to get picky. If I’m stepping on a bug, I’m 5’5.”

He said he doesn’t watch The Cycle, MSNBC’s answer to The Five. But he said conservative commentator S.E. Cupp, a co-host, is “great.” Asked about Cupp’s colleague, Toure, Gutfeld said he’s not a fan of his name. “He’s not Madonna,” he said. “It strikes me as a bit arrogant to go by one name. Only a few people pulled that off: Jesus. Mohammed. Toure, I’m waiting for you to prove that.”

Other bits from our interview…

  • We asked Gutfeld to name a national news reporter he likes. He chose ABC News’ Jake Tapper. “He always seems to have a really tasteful scarf,” he said.
  • He couldn’t name a reporter that he finds unfair. “It’s like picking an alpaca out of an alpaca petting zoo,” he said, whatever that means.
  • Asked to choose between having dinner with either Real Time‘s Bill Maher or The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart, Gutfeld picked neither: “I can’t answer that because I don’t imagine having dinner with either of them, though Jon seems like a very nice chap.”

Spotted: What appears to be Donald Trump‘s hair if it were deep fried, rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried again.