‘Greening’ Isn’t Always So Good


We’re sure to get lots of hate mail for this one, which we’re okay with (better angry mail than a life of sob-filled solitude, right?). So after reading stories like “The New Trophy Home, Small and Ecological,” which is about people like John Cusack and Pierce Brosnan jumping on the green bandwagon by thinking about purchasing $2.8 million dollar, gigantic luxury homes that will produce their own energy, despite the fact that it will take the power of seventeen villages to build the behemoths, we get a little cynical and return to a story from a while back about the co-opting of the green movement, taking the message from “Buy less and use less” to “Don’t change a thing and maybe even buy more! Just make sure it’s vaguely, sorta green-ish!” And when we’re really fired up at this black and white perception of earthiness, we like reading stories like this one in the SF Gate about the big troubles with building using recycled home furnishings, because it shows that things aren’t so simple in dealing with all the junk we have and keep making. Okay, lecture over. We’re going to go back to clubbing baby seals.