Pete Hammond’s Not-So-Great Gatsby Moment

The bigger picture here is that Deadline fudged some previously published information. They are certainly not alone on the Internet in that regard. But a trade that consistently likes to trumpet its superiority should, we think, be opting for sweeter correction music (redlining, a footnote,…).

The following sentence is no longer part of Pete Hammond’s May 15 Deadline coverage of the opening night party at the Cannes Film Festival for The Great Gatsby. It was shortened, rewritten and made parenthetical not long after the item went live with this:

Clearly there seems to be a group of pseudo-critics who like to try and take down a movie, and this [The Great Gatsby] was a target, even though some of them (I am talking about you, The Wrap) obviously had never read the book.

Hammond is referring to the now-famous May 5 write-up by TheWrap film critic Alonso Duralde. Thanks to some Drudge Report bannering, right alongside more positive reviews by Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, this thumb-way-down was heard around the entire Warner Bros.-marketed world.

On Twitter last night, more than one person was pointing out that it was a little ironic for Hammond to be calling out anyone as a “pseudo-critic.” Because before Pete became the dean of Hollywood film awards season, he was most famous for blurb-quote adorning the marketing for more than a few quality-questionable studio offerings.

To cast aspersions on a colleague like Duralde, with decades of journalism and author experience, was plainly uncalled for.