Graydon Carter Bites the Hand That Synergizes Him

According to Nikki Finke’s column in tomorrow’s LA Weekly, Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter has been going around saying nasty things about his Hollywood friends, even as he plays nice with them in person:

Sources say Carter is even naming names, including his one-time mentor Jeffrey Katzenberg and his $100,000 benefactor Brian Grazer. Both men were unaware they’d been badmouthed by the editor during a spate of sloppy emotional jags at cocktail parties, dinner engagements, in the office and on the phone: Katzenberg for supposedly dropping Carter from the mogul’s A-list, and Grazer for supposedly ratting out Carter’s role in that A Beautiful Mind payola scandal. Grazer’s diss comes within days of his seeing Carter socially in New York and being invited to attend the editor’s forthcoming wedding.

Finke notes that spokespeople for Carter and Grazer (and Katzenberg Himself, with no intermediary) all deny any bad feelings, but she goes on to speculate what this will mean for VF‘s Oscar Party, coming up in just 11 days. Will the bigwigs attend? Or will all that finger-food go to waste?