Got Qualified Friends? Solar Power Company Referral Fee Tops Six Figures!

SixFigureFreelancerWe’ve heard about generous employee referral programs. You know, the types that pay $5,000 to an employee for referring a friend or colleague who ends up getting hired.

Well, when we read about this next story our eyes literally popped! Here’s why: As per recruiting forum ERE, a solar power company is offering $100,000 (that’s right, 100 grand) to refer the next president of their company.

Putting parameters around the fee, NRG says you can only refer one person and the deadline is August 22. And if you refer yourself and you eventually get hired, the money will be donated to charity.

Per the piece, the senior vice president for human resources at NRG told ERE they  “wanted the referral fee to generate excitement and drive people to action. The position we are searching for is a unique one, so our crowd sourcing campaign had to be innovative as well.”