Meet the NYC Journalist With a Byline That’s Hard to Beat

In Variety slanguage,” the term “legit” refers to professional live theater. However, given the questionable credentials of many of today’s entertainment journalists, Gordon Cox’s byline – each time we see it at least – conjures up a second, comical meaning.

GordonCoxBylineCox’s latest item is about the delayed search for New York City’s next film czar. And right there, at the top of the page, it says once again that the article is by ‘Gordon Cox, Legit Editor.’

Imagine the possibilities if the Cox-slanguage byline was carried through to other non-theatrical online realms. All of a sudden, we could be browsing through articles by John Doe, Semi-Legit Blogger and Jane Doe, Anything-But-Legit Gossip Columnist.

Cox’s Twitter page also displays the “Legit” nomenclature, but there it doesn’t quite impart the same effect as on the article, byline page. Either way, we applaud Cox for being in charge of a Legit vertical and aspire in our own small way to be too Legit to quit.

P.S. We’re assuming Cox’s Variety business card is equally killer. Also… It appears that the Twitter handle @LegitEditor is currently available. Our advice to Cox: grab it!