GOP Trust PAC Director Calls Mediaite ‘Judgemental’

Scott Wheeler, executive director of the National Republican Trust PAC, is irate over Mediaite’s coverage of CBS and NBC saying no to running his organization’s ad. The ad wants to kill a plan to build a mosque just blocks from the site of the World Trade Center.
“To use one of the words they prefer, it was very judgmental,” said Wheeler in a phone call with FishbowlDC late Wednesday, adding that Mediate did not call him for comment. “No, they did not call me and I talk to everybody,” Wheeler said.
Mediate writes of the ad, “If this ad were not so utterly offensive I imagine CBS and NBC would find themselves the latest target of liberal media elite accusations from the right.” Wheeler seethes, “Who is it offensive to? They don’t say what they find offensive about it. I’m not sure we’ve banned images of African Americans being lynched from 70 years ago. I’m a little confused by this double standard. In fact, the only thing the liberal media has in common with radical Islam is their mutual hatred of the United States.”
Wheeler told FishbowlDC that he will try cable next and then weigh his options. For now, the ad is getting mileage on the Internet. Among the cable outlets he intends to try: FNC and CNN. “MSNBC is probably a waste of time,” he said. “I don’t know who watches MSNBC anymore except for friends who are comedy writers. I don’t know anyone who watches it for information.”
Wheeler has journalist on his resume. He was chief correspondent for American Investigator Television between 1996 and 2002 and wrote for TWT’s Insight Magazine between 2002 and 2004.
Politico‘s Ben Smith first reported the story of the networks rejecting the ad. Read here to find out what NBC Universal’s Advertising Standards Manager Jennifer Riley had to say about it…