Google’s Street View Maps India

Tricycles take in Bangalore's streets

Want to know how to get from the Shiva statue to the best curry joint in Bangalore? Google might soon be able to show you the way. The search engine giant launched its photographic mapping service, Street View, in India yesterday.

The project launched in Bangalore, India’s technology center, and will utilize cars and tricycles to collect information. Its creators have not said what expansion plans across the country might look like, but a comprehensive Street View project in India would provide a unique look into the chaotic daily life of the South Asian powerhouse, where cows, carts, motorbikes, buses, cars, and pedestrians regularly intermingle in the street.

U.S. Google users have embraced the unique technology. But other governments, especially in Europe, have raised privacy concerns. Sensitive to potential community backlash, Google has emphasized Street View India’s compliance with local laws and the ability for individuals to object to specific coverage. Google’s Bangalore team says the project could help urban planners, tourists, and even law enforcement to get a better handle of the streets of India’s third-largest city.

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