Google, MacFarlane Forge Deal

Google is experimenting with distributing original content, striking a deal with comedian and producer Seth MacFarlane, creator of Fox’s long-running hit series Family Guy.

Working with Google, MacFarlane will create an animated Web-based animated series: There will be 50 Webisodes, each will be two minutes in length.

The offering, Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy, will reside on Google-owned YouTube and be syndicated and distributed across the search giant’s content network to AdSense publisher sites.

Pre-roll and banner ads, as well as “brought to you by” messages, are available to sponsors.

MacFarlane is working with advertisers to create animated versions of some commercials, though further details were not available. These clips will be bundled with ads and seen in place of typical commercials that appear on Web pages.

MacFarlane receives a percentage of the ad revenue.

The partners said the venture is the first large-scale, ad-supported multi-million-dollar Internet content production deal.