Google Advertises in the Los Angeles Times

Looking for a double-edged sword as thin as a paper cut? We’ve got it for you, right here. editor Danny Sullivan happened to notice an ad in the Sunday November 21st edition of the Los Angeles Times promoting the new version of the Google Chrome browser. It’s a bit of a bait-and-switch, filtered through the URL Still, it definitely got Sullivan’s attention.

He notes:

Chrome itself has been advertised in newspapers in the UK last December and in various European countries last February and in India during September. Still, it’s a notable move and a sign of how seriously Google treats the entire browser situation.

Considering the alternative scenario of Google Chrome being used circa 2012 to locate the very last existing print subscriber to the LA Times, we suppose a revenue-generating 2010 ad from an arch enemy isn’t so bad.

[Hat tip to Eric Citric]