Good Photos Make the Internet (and these people) Happy


When we told you that bad photos make the internet sad, we really had no idea that later in the week, we’d have a chance for you to not only take good photos, but to take good photos of food, and to do it for a good cause.

The Ultimate Food Shoot Challenge is putting out a call for entries. All you gotta do is get one of those MREs, take a before shot, open it up and style it so it looks absolutely appetizing, and snap another shot. Then, we’re guessing, you can sit down and enjoy that government-packed meal yourself. Think this sounds impossible? May we present to you Boneless Pork Chop and Spaghetti with Meat Sauce.

But why, you ask? Why this delicious madness?

“The work is a metaphor for wringing beauty out of tragedy, finding rays of hope amid grim misfortune, and simply proving that we can do things better than the Bush Administration can.

We are planning to put the photographs into a 2007 calendar. Money raised would go to help in the continued aid in rebuilding the region devastated by Hurricane Katrina.”

If you want to participate, send an email to govtfood(at) and they’ll send you your Government Meal Packet. They also said they found plenty on eBay, if you’re picky about your food. The deadline to sign up is April 15 and the deadline for photography is June 15.

This contest supports The People’s Hurricane Relief Fund and Oversight Coalition and is sponsored by the people who brought us Make Levees, Not War. You can watch for the photos here.

Thanks to Liz Danzico for forwarding this to us.