Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

Sight for sore eyes: I flee for three days and’s Spencer Ackerman (not one of the more well-known Boybanders) is caught “spooning” a tiger? That is how he described it. It’s more like careful petting, we’d say. Hey, at least he’s not dressed up like a banana.

Time for a post Irene nap

“Heading home after three days of constant coverage and countless live shots. Feeling very proud to part of the @wusa9 family. #Irene2011” — WUSA9’s Kristen Fisher in a Monday morning note. Fisher won our “Sexiest” superlative this year.

Tschida returns from Italy sans travel trauma

It was touch and go this week for our traveling drama king ABC7’s Stephen Tschida. “Why I’m travel trauma king: volcanic ash stranded me in Morocco, airport fire kept me in Miami, now hurricane may delay me in Florence!” But angels are singing. Tschida made it home. The only thing out of place was his dog, who wasn’t there to greet him upon arrival. His dog sitter took Henry to the mountains to wait out the storm. “Only problem: got home no puppy! sitter took him to the mountains to wait out the storm. hoping they are back soon.”

Chuck T’s first tweet back

“So was gone for 10 days and missed a hurricane, an earthquake and the Pataki for prez boomlet? Were all 3 related?” — NBC’s Chuck Todd on Monday morning.

Coulter cool on Bloomberg

“Of course NY residents are ignoring Mayor Bloomberg. He gets hysterical about salt.” — Conservative author and pundit Ann Coulter on Bloomberg’s storm warnings. She was more hot for BigGovernment’s Andrew Breitbart whom she met up with over the weekend in San Francisco for the California Young Republican Federation convention. Coulter is referring to Bloomberg’s quest to lose sodium in food. In January he called on the food industry to decrease the nation’s salt intake by 25 percent over five years.

Tapper gets nod from The Maternal Optimist

“@GovChristie : Nice job with @Jaketapper today. Just grateful you got interviewed by him and not that Amanpour woman. #littlebreaks” — Ruth Ann Adams in a weekend tweet. Adams is, among other things, a blogger who writes about marriage and motherwood on her “Maternal Optimist” blog, a Mary Kay consultant since 1993, and a former JAG attorney.

A TV reporter covered in sea foam… This video makes the rounds amongst D.C. journos. Watch here.