Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

QUOTES of the DAY – The Gossip Edition

Seriously Striped: TIME’s Joe Klein showing off a bold look on NBC’s Chris Matthews Show on Sunday morning.

Gossip reporter employs interesting gossipy lingo

“JLo & Marc Anthony are done-zo. This is divorce #3 for Lopez, and she’s only 42. How do you say “oy vey” in Spanish?” — The Hill‘s Howiella (a.k.a. gossip columnist and daughter to Howie K. Judy Kurtz) in a Friday tweet.

Scribe sees God in her hangover

“Hangover on a gorgeous day w a long car/boat ride w my family makes me believe 1) in God 2) we have the same sense of humor 3) vengeance is His.” — Roll Call‘s HOH writer Neda Semnani in a weekend tweet. On an entirely different matter, she wrote on Saturday, “HuffPo reporting that Rep. Pete Sessions is separating from his wife. (Did everyone already know this?)”

More on Lopez/Anthony split

“J-Lo and Marc follow the PR tactic of releasing divorce news late on a Friday so as to minimize coverage. Er, as if.” — WaPo‘s The Reliable Source co-writer Amy Argetsinger in a weekend tweet. She links here.

Spotted: A fashion-conscious Weigel on the Metro

“Ended up on the same train as your guy Weigel this morning. And I’ve got three words for the bag he was carrying: Fab.U.Lous.” — A FishbowlDC informant, who surreptitiously got a picture of the bag (yes, that blue blob with the words “Aspen Ideas Festival” pictured at left). The spy explained, “I tried getting a picture of his actual face but he was positioned in the weirdest way, facing the doors opposite of the doors that actually opened at Union…then he got off.” We couldn’t be more proud. This is what community journalism is all about. UPDATE: As some Fishbowlers may recall, Weigel recently had his iPad, which was in his messenger bag, stolen. The Aspen Ideas Festival bag was temporary. “While I was waiting for a replacement to show up I used the Aspen Ideas swag bag, which was as functional as it was turquoise,” our new friend told us.

Bio of the Day: Politico‘s CLICK reporter Karin Tanabe. “She once worked for the king of Belgium, is fluent in French and is adept at ordering a sandwich in Flemish. Tanabe, a graduate of Vassar College, has traveled to 45 countries.” Added detail: She runs 50-mile races for fun.

A Convo Between Two Journos

Today’s conversation is between The Hill’s White House Correspondent Sam Youngman and Slate’s Dave Weigel. To give some context, after endorsing Hamlet 2, Youngman took some flack for it.

Sam Youngman: Tough room today.

Dave Weigel: Not as tough as trying to watch “Hamlet 2.”

Sam Youngman: @daveweigel you make up with Betsy and pick a fight with me? How dare you? I shall defend Hamlet 2 until my last breath.

Stanton tries his hand at fashion reporting

“For the fashion conscious, the First Lady was wearing a sleaveless a dark purple dress, Malia wore what your pooler has been told was a lilac dress, while Sasha rocked a green dress. They entered St Johns at 1028.” — Roll Call‘s John Stanton on Pool Duty Sunday at the White House.