Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


“I hope the wait means the food & beer are good.” — former TBD Community Engagement Director Steve Buttry in a Thursday tweet from Moab, Utah, where he is in the above photograph. Buttry “checked into” the brewery  on Foursquare. A big thank you to his wife, Mimi, for sending along this picture of Buttry among the buttes. Buttry boasts that he was called “Butthead” long before the real one ever existed.

Arianna, Arnold and sleep

“Arnold, 2009: ‘You only need to sleep six hours and then you have 18 hours left.’ Turns out he should have slept more.” — HuffPost/AOL‘s Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington in a Thursday tweet.

Europe bound

“Off to Ireland ….” — NBC’s Norah O’Donnell in a Thursday tweet.

Journo self-protection

“I refuse to click the AP wire story slugged: ‘AP-BC-US Baby-death-microwave.’ — Politico Special Projects Editor Russ Walker in a Thursday tweet.

Irritated journalist

“There’s a special place in hell for whomever added me to this latest PR database. No, I don’t want to interview ‘social media gurus.’ — NPR’s Andy Carvin in a Thursday tweet.

Peculiar sequence of events…

“Just ran into Jay Carney, which is odd, because seconds earlier, his admin told me he was ‘with the President.'” — Mediaite‘s Tommy Christopher in a Thursday afternoon tweet. Later he heard back from Deputy White House Press Sec. Josh Earnest for this story on The Boston Herald being axed from White House Press Pool. The gist: The White House stands by its decision to leave the paper high and dry but has some fancy explanations for it.

Wapo apologizes to the Israeli Prime Minister: “We meant ‘Binyamin,’ but we wrote ‘Benjamin.’ Sorry, Mr. Netanyahu.”

Dark Thoughts…

“Don’t forget to wish me a Happy Birthdeath tomorrow.” — NBC News Political Correspondent Michael Viqueira in a Friday morning tweet.

Unnecessary Tweet of the Day

“Entire building just shook from thunder.” — Washington Examiner‘s Freeman Klopott in a Thursday tweet.