Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


If men can cry, women can too

“McConnell is following in Boehner’s steps by crying his eyes out. Refreshing to see grown men cry. Just don’t complain when grown women cry!” — CNN Contributor and Democratic pundit Donna Brazile in a Tuesday tweet.

Heard at a party

“Who would have sex with a man that looked like that?” – Woman at Mediabistro party Tuesday night about body builder photograph that ran yesterday. That picture is here.

A day in the life

“Two bomb sniffer dogs have just boarded my NY to dc amtrak train. Is this routine? I hope so!” — Q & A Cafe Host Carol Joynt in a Tuesday Facebook update.

WaPo blogger has unique insult for Fox & Friends

“There’s a camel and a baby Jesus on Fox+ Friends.. crazy goyim.” — WaPo‘s blogger covering conservatives Jennifer Rubin a Wednesday tweet.

Time to change your picture when…

“I think it may be time to change my profile pic. I just got an email asking, “Is that little red head guy on you’re profile pic your son?He’s a QT. He looks really mad. He also looks spoiled” Ha! Let me clairfy:
1) It’s a girl.
2) I don’t have kids.
3) That’s ME!”

— WUSA-TV CBS’s morning anchor Kristin Fisher in a Wednesday Facebook update.