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Kurtz questions Cox’s sobriety

On his late Sunday morning program, CNN’s “Reliable Sources”, host Howard Kurtz asked GQ’s Ana Marie Cox about her 36-entry live tweeting of MSNBC’s “The Ed” Show. “My question, were you sober?” Kurtz asked her (we presume jokingly as he had a benevolent look on his face while asking, but it was fair to ask considering the extent to which Cox mentions/brags about her imbibing.) Her reply (pre-empted by her own laughter): “I can’t really remember doing that so I’m just going to say yes.”

Internet ‘crap out’

“Anyone else have their Comcast Internet service crap out? I call & can’t get an operator. Msg says, check the website. #fail #comcastfail” — Mother Jone’s Washington Bureau Chief David Corn in a Sunday night tweet amidst other irate Internet-free journos.

Conspiracy theories

“Is this comcast outage a cyber monday attack on our economy???” — Andrea Rodgers (a.k.a. “Ask Miss A” blogger) in a Sunday night tweet when Comcast Internet services conked out.


“Note to all journalists, especially those who do Web front pages: AP Style is “toward” not “towards.” No s, got it? #Gobacktojschoolsheesh” — RealClearPolitics’s Erin McPike in a Sunday tweet. She says she had quickly surfed the country’s major newspaper web sites in the morning.

The Critic

“Maybe the New York Times should hire an editorial writer who understands both adverbs and the Constitution” — The Washington Examiner‘s J.P. Freire in a Sunday tweet. (He’s referring to this story.)

A journo’s daring adventure

“It’s a great day to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.” — CBS News’s Kaylee Hartung in a Sunday tweet.

Kurtz’s “junk”

“Navigated two airports, no junk touched. Just the usual zillion frustrations.” — The Daily Beast‘s Washington Bureau Chief and CNN host Kurtz in a Sunday tweet (and awkward contemplation flash of of Kurtz’s junk).