Good Morning FBLA Readers

07bugliosiB.190.jpgWe are feeling nice and independent from the weekend. A little hung over – but independent.

We’re now playing catch up from the long weekend. If you haven’t seen Lizz Winstead’s post about the Jezebel chicks Tracie Egan and Moe Tkacik slow drunken train wreck of an interview – it’s worth a look.

Manson prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi is disgusted with – wait for it – George Bush. He wrote a book about it. Apparently it’s doing pretty well yet he’s done very little media…blogs and stuff but according to the NY Times story about it – very little media. A hundred radio interviews but other than that – nothing really. Cough.

And Senator Jessie Helms died on July 4th. The same day our second president John Adams, our third president Thomas Jefferson and a whole bunch of over zealous pyros died. He is being remembered fondly by one of our anonymous readers “for his tireless work at building a bridge to the 17th century”.