Gong Show is Coming Back

We think there is a little Gong Show in all reality shows these days. You’ll find it in the first couple of episodes of all the talent show formats. It’s the parade of those desperate enough to do anything to be on TV. Those that can’t sing. Those that only think they can dance. Those that can’t remember lyrics etc.

Variety is saying that Dave Attell has been tapped to host the new Gong Show for Comedy Central.

We have sources that say the Gong Show tried to make a come back a couple of years ago but it never happened. Apparently PAs in lieu of casting directors were trolling local open-mikes asking ‘talent’ if they wanted to be on the Gong Show – the said PAs being too young to realize asking a self-appointed ‘singer’ and song writer to be on the Gong Show was an insult.

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