Gombossy Still Thinking About Suing; Launches Own Watchdog Site

Once a consumer watchdog, always a consumer watchdog, apparently: Jilted Journalists caught up with George Gombossy—who you may recall was ousted from the Hartford Courant last month in what he called pandering to advertisers—and found that he’s launched a new site to continue his work.

CTWatchdog.com will hire local bloggers and reporters to cover consumer issues. Recent stories on the site include a piece about how Comcast’s “guaranteed” installation is anything but, and a service piece about how CT residents can save money on their heating bills this winter. In other words, Consumerist.com before that site started mostly posting funny videos.

Gombossy told JJ that one of his advantages was the branding he got—free of charge as a Courant employee.

“The Courant spent half a million marketing me and my column,” he says.

“There’s eight billboards scaring kids with my mug on it … but that’s why I could launch my web site, instant recognition.”

He says he’s gotten two paid sponsors so far and at least two more are in the works.

We worry that a site so anti-business and pro-consumer may have trouble getting enough sponsorship to survive (remember Budget Living, the consumer magazine about not buying stuff, that tried to hack it on ads for things you could buy?) but we wish Gombossy luck.