Goldwyn Theater to Host “Oscar Noir” Screening Series


With the summer heat on the way, LA has noir on the brain. The 12th annual “Los Angeles Film Noir Festival” is in full swing at the Egyptian Theater. And starting in May, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will host a 15-week Monday night noir screening series at the Goldwyn Theater.

From the Academy’s website:

Perhaps it’s our own dark, cynical and disillusioned times, but it certainly seems that the film noir genre has withstood the test of time in its own uniquely delicious way. A close look at the films from the 1940s sharing noir attributes reveals that the Academy noticed them far more often for their writing than for any other nomination category, suggesting that their firm “foundation” is responsible for their lasting impact.

Fifteen film noir classics from the 1940s, all of which were nominated in the writing categories, will be celebrated in a summer-long screening series, introduced by contemporary screenwriters whose own work reflects the film noir style.

The series kicks off May 10 with “The Maltese Falcon.”

H/T toh!