Tina Fey, Amy Poehler Work the Golden Globes Q&A Trail

The media blitz for this weekend’s Golden Globes BFF tandem has included exclusive chats with THR and EW as well as a Wednesday afternoon conference call. From each, we’ve gleaned a suitably cheesy highlight.

Best Sports Analogy: If the Oscars are Hollywood’s version of the Super Bowl, then the Golden Globes logically correspond to the NCAA Football championship game. When asked by EW‘s Dan Snierson about their kudos M.O., Fey suggested that she and Poehler are “going to be the first people ever to do a man-to-man hosting strategy. We’re going to tell a joke to every single person in the audience. Most people do a zone — we’re going man-to-man.”

Best Q&A Glitch: During the bi-coastal telephone interview with THR news editor Matthew Belloni (Fey dialed in from New York, Poehler via LA), the Parks and Recreation star fell off the call halfway through. What’s funny is that the Q&A fully transcribes the details, right down to Poehler’s joke that she had stopped for a “quick facial.”

Best Female Scene Setting: As part of the conference call, Poehler yawned at the historical significance of a female-host tandem, while Fey reminded that one reason the alcohol goes far in the Beverly Hilton Grand Ballroom is because actresses in attendance “haven’t eaten for days.” And in terms of a wish list of spontaneous Sunday moments, Fey said she is hoping for a boob to fall out of a dress.