“Goldblog” to Tabletmag.com

Atlantic Media Pres. Justin Smith and Goldberg c/o Guest of a Guest

The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg is moving his “Goldblog” to a new home.  Though Goldberg will continue writing his advice column and long-form pieces for The Atlantic, “Goldblog” will be relocated to Jewish lifestyle website, Tablet Magazine.

In a post announcing the transition, Golberg joked,”Finally I’ll be able to express myself Jewishly!”

A national correspondent for The Atlantic and a columnist for Bloomberg View, Goldberg has served as a contributing editor to Tablet Magazine since its launch in 2009. Before joining The Atlantic in 2007, he was Middle East correspondent and Washington correspondent for The New Yorker.  Previously, he served as a correspondent for The New York Times Magazine and New York Magazine.

Goldblog will go live at Tabletmag.com/goldblog beginning next month.